A Life Less Ordinary

Posted by Kelsey Rasco on Jan 9th 2020

It’s 7:29 pm.(What’s with me and times? Is this a sickness? Am I alone?)I glance at my phone and set it down KNOWINGLY that it will start an annoying chime within seconds alerting me it’s time to tak … read more

I’ve been waiting all morning

Posted by Kelsey Rasco on Dec 2nd 2019

It’s 11:37. Before noon. No one is in the store. Yes, I’m going to do this. I’ve been waiting all morning.I run my fingers in between the folds. Loosening things up.I reach my hand inside to claim th … read more

I am Kelsey Rasco

Posted by Kelsey Rasco on Oct 22nd 2019

My name is Kelsey Rasco, and I have to admit, my life is perfect. It’s bright and shiny, and everything flows like a beautiful river of love (sure, let’s go with it). Recently, I decided to make the m … read more